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Plastic “Booty” Surgeon Sued for Sexual Harassment

Emanuel Shirazi

Tiffany Loring (31) is suing her former employer, Dr. Michael E. Jones (48), for sexual harassment. Jones is a prominent plastic surgeon in Newark, New Jersey who has had made regular appearances on the Today show and is the star of an upcoming reality show on BET (Black Entertainment Television) called “We are the Joneses.”

Here is what we know about the allegations:

  1. Jones consistently made inappropriate jokes about Loring’s sex life.
  2. Jones pushed Loring to pursue an affair.
  3. When Loring stretched her wrists at her keyboard, Jones told her that she should avoid using handcuffs and that her husband should stop being so rough with her during sex.
  4. Jones came behind Loring and placed his hands on her shoulders for a prolonged amount of time, making Loring feel uncomfortable.
  5. Jones, who worked from his home office with Loring, drunkenly insinuated that he wanted to have sex with Loring.
  6. Loring once picked Jones up from the train station, where he appeared to be drunk. He told her that he should sit in the backseat so that he wouldn’t be tempted to do “something” to her.

Loring alleges that after she turned down the doctor, he called her a “fucking cracker” and then fired her. Loring is currently suing for an unspecified amount of money, claiming that the continuous harassment has caused her physical ailments such as lack of sleep and stomach problems.

In 2015, Dr. Jones sponsored a competition to crown the best butt in New York. A total of 68 women competed for a $2,000 prize and a modelling gig.

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