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Rudy Giuliani sued by former employee who claims he demanded sexual favors, often spewed derogatory comments towards minorities, and created a hostile work environment

Emanuel Shirazi

Noelle Dunphy, a 43-year-old New York woman, filed a $3.1 million lawsuit against Rudy Giuliani. She claims that the former mayor demanded sexual favors and created a toxic work environment by constantly making derogatory comments toward women, minorities, and anyone he considered disloyal.

In Dunphy’s filing she alleges that the former US Attorney, once hailed as ‘America’s Mayor’ is a sexual predator and abuser. Giuliani allegedly “sexually harassed her and demanded sexual favors” while she was working for him doing business development work. Noelle was forced to receive “deferred compensation” and be an off-the-books, secret employee. She claims she wasn’t offered severance and wasn’t reimbursed for work expenses. Giuliani eventually fired her in 2021 without any legitimate reason and did not issue the compensation for work that had already been done. Once she reached out to him in regards of finding another job, he threatened Dunphy that if she didn’t remain silent about all their ties, he would use his connections to former US President Trump and private investigators to retaliate in other ways.

Previous to working for him, Giuliani represented Dunphy for free in a domestic violence case. She claims that she was never able to pursue legal action in the case due to him allowing the statute of limitations to pass. According to the Manhattan Supreme Court summons the attorney was regularly intoxicated, was unable to remember important facts regarding her case, and used his counsel to pressure her for sexual exchanges during their consultations. His alcohol abuse worsened due to his divorce from his third wife and the increasing political and legal controversies that started while working for Trump.

Giuliani’s lawyer Robert Costello claimed that Noelle Dunphy has never worked for Giuliani or any of his entities. He also claimed that the allegations drafted by Dunphy are defamatory. Dunphy responded by saying her allegations of non-payment and an unlawfully toxic work environment are backed by evidence and will be introduced at trial.

New York employment law and federal law state that employers must take action to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. Employees also have the right to seek protection against their employer and any retaliatory action they may threaten to take. Employers with strong connections, influence and power like Giuliani cannot be allowed to get away with the violations of employee rights.

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