Sean Hannity Latest at Fox News to be Accused of Sexual Harassment/Misconduct

Not only did the networks’ CEO, Roger Ailes, step down last year after several sexual harassment allegations came out against him, but they also fired their leading star, Bill O’Reilly, last week after they began investigating recent sexual harassment claims against him (he already settled five different sexual harassment cases with various women over the years). Now, Sean Hannity, host of The Sean Hannity Show, is in the hot seat.

A former guest of Hannity’s show, Debbie Schlussel, has come forth claiming that Hannity invited her to come back to his hotel both before and after she appeared on his show. Schlussel turned down both of Hannity’s advances, which, she claims, resulted in retaliation (she was never invited back to his show again.) During her last show, she claims that Hannity bullied her; every time she tried to say something, she was yelled at by Hannity and the other panelist. They also allegedly, threatened to turn off her microphone if she didn’t “obey her host.”

Though she doesn’t consider Hannity’s inappropriate behavior to be “sexual harassment”, she does stand by her claims that Hannity propositioned her, multiple times.

Hannity denies her claims entirely. On his radio show, he reported that her claims are “100% false” and that Schlussel is a “serial harasser.” He also went on to say that he has hired a team of lawyers to take action against her slanderous behavior. In 2007, Schluessel wrote a blog post alleging that Hannity copied an anti-Muslim article she wrote for the New York Post. In 2010, Schlussel wrote another blog post that accused Hannity of misappropriating charity money that was intended for military families. 

Do you believe Hannity acted inappropriately or do you think he is being targeted because of all the other Fox News scandals?

*image by Gage Skidmore, Flickr

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