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Sexual Orientation Discrimination – Case Example

Emanuel Shirazi

During his employment, Sergio endured sexual harassment including unwelcome inappropriate sexual advances and comments from his supervisor. Additionally, when Sergio refused the sexual advances from this supervisor, she retaliated against him by, among other things, mistreating him and otherwise creating an unbearable working environment. Later, Sergio filed a grievance with Human Resources regarding the sexual harassment he was subjected to by this supervisor.

To make matters worse Sergio was subjected to repeated inappropriate and unwelcome comments regarding his sexual orientation by a co-worker. Sergio complained to Human Resources regarding the sexual orientation harassment he was subjected to. But they failed and refused to stop the harassment.

Instead of trying to stop the harassment as required by law, Sergio was retaliated against by not being given work to perform thereby affecting his billable hours. Shortly after that, Sergio’s employer terminated his employment.

If you have been harassed, discriminated against, retaliated against, or wrongfully terminated based on a protected category such as sexual orientation, gender, gender identity , or gender expression, give us a call at (310) 400-5891 for your free confidential consultation.

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