Storage Wars “Yuuup” Star Reaches Wrongful Termination Settlement With A&E Network

Reality star of A&E’s Storage Wars, Dave Hester, settled his wrongful termination lawsuit against the network out of court. Not only did Hester settle for an undisclosed amount (he originally sued for $750,000), but he will also be returning to the show this season.

Hester, best known for his “yuuup” catchphrase, alleges that company executives fired him after he expressed concern with how the show was staged. Hester had grievances that the show’s producers would rig the bidding and fill the lockers with valuable items before they were auctioned off.

Storage Wars follows four professional buying teams as they scour repossessed storage units looking for valuable items. New episodes of Storage Wars air on A&E every Tuesday at 9p ET.

Retaliation claims must be based on complaints of illegal conduct.  Do you think reporting that the show was staged constitutes reporting illegal conduct?  Aren’t all these “reality shows” staged?  Please post your opinion in the comments below.

*image by Brittanie Pendleton, Flickr

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