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Tres mujeres demandan a Fox News por discriminación racial y otras cuestiones

Emanuel Shirazi

Once again, the Fox News network has made headlines for illegally treating its employees. Last year we reported on a plethora of sexual harassment claims tied to upper executives at the network. This year, “racial discrimination” can be added to this list of offenses. Two black women, Tichanoa Brown, and Tables Wright, are accusing the Fox News payroll department’s comptroller, Judith Slater, of “top-down racial harassment.”

Here is what we know about the allegations:

  1. Slater repeatedly made inappropriate and racially motivated comments in front of the women. She made statements implying that all black men beat women and that black people wanted to act violently towards white people.
  2. Slater told the two women that they incorrectly pronounced certain words, such as “mother” and “father” and then encouraged them to say these specific words during important meetings.
  3. Slater asked one of the women if her three children all had the same father.
  4. Slater allegedly made condescending comments about Wright’s hair and credit score, the Black Lives Movement, and referred to the entire (mostly black) payroll department as “urban”, and “southern”.
  5. When Wright confronted Slater about her inappropriate behavior, she was transferred out of the payroll department. Though the company claims this was a lateral move, the suit suggests it was a demotion, and therefore, retaliation.

Brown and Wright are not only suing Slater, but also Fox News and 21st Century Fox. They feel that Slater did nothing to correct her inappropriate behavior which then created a hostile work environment for the women, behavior that the plaintiff’s lawyers compare to those “reminiscent of the Jim Crow era”.

Just recently, a third plaintiff has come forward alleging similar racial and discriminatory claims against the network and lead executives. Monica Douglas, black, was the manager for the collections department. She has amended the complaint that Wright and Brown made against Slater, listing an array of inappropriate behavior including inappropriately rubbing her hair, kicking her butt while walking in the hall, teasing her for having cancer, and even calling her the ‘one boobed girl’ after her mastectomy. Douglas alleges that her supervisors knew about the behavior for years yet did nothing to stop it.

Though Slater was fired on February 28th, before the complaints were made public, the three women are still seeking legal justice.

Do you think the recent lawsuits against Fox News have empowered others to move forward against them too?

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