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Leann Rimes demandada por discriminación por edad y origen nacional

Emanuel Shirazi

Gloria Cevallos, the former maid of Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes, recently sued the couple after they fired her. Cevallos claims that it was a hostile work environment and that members of the staff called her “fat” and “old.” She never once, however, made any direct complaints against the couple themselves. Cevallos also alleged that Eddie’s mom had a thing against Salvadorians.

The couple says that they were always nice to Cevallos and that she is just another “serial suer”. She has a history of filing claims against fellow employees and even filed a worker’s comp claim against the couple earlier this year (that eventually got thrown out).

Do you think celebrities are constantly being taken advantage of because of their money? Take these cases against Sharon Stone y Alanis Morissette for example.

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