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McDonald's recibe quince denuncias simultáneas por acoso sexual ante la EEOC

Emanuel Shirazi

Fifteen employees at several McDonald’s restaurants around the US claim that they were sexually harassed while they were at work. A union-backed group called “Fight for $15” has formally filed complaints on behalf of these employees. The group is also working to increase the wages of fast food workers by organizing strikes and protests and filing complaints with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Here is a list of a few of the sexual harassment complaints being made:

  1. An employee in Flint, Michigan claims her manager showed her a picture of his genitals and then told her that he wanted to “do things” to her.
  2. An employee in Folsom, California claims that her supervisor asked her to give him oral sex in exchange for $1000.

Not surprisingly, out of the fifteen complaints, thirteen were made by women.

A representative of Fight for $15 claims that since McDonald’s is the second largest employer in the nation, the company has a responsibility to set and uphold certain standards when it comes to how they treat employees. Their standards have the power to not only influence how other fast-food giants treat their employees but how employers across the nation treat their employees as well.

A spokesperson from McDonald’s claims that they are currently reviewing the allegations.

Do you think McDonald’s should be responsible for the sexual harassment claims even for locations that are franchises and not owned by the company?

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