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Candidato al Senado acusado de acoso sexual: ¿"Taser a su D-"?

Emanuel Shirazi

August Wolf, a Republican running to be Senator of Connecticut, is currently being sued for sexually harassing his former consultant, Samantha Menh. In addition to accusing Wolf of severe and pervasive sexual harassment, the plaintiff is also accusing Wolf of making sexist and homophobic comments. Hei is also being accused of violating election laws, creating a hostile work environment fueled with sexual banter, and failing to provide $50,000 in compensation.

Some of the inappropriate things that Menh is alleging Wolf did include:

  1. Making comments about the size of his penis.
  2. Asked if she had been sexually satisfied by a real man
  3. Told her that he had sex for fun.
  4. Said that when he was in the US Senate that someone should put a Taser on his dick so that he would stay awake.
  5. Constantly touched her despite Menh telling him not to.
  6. Prevented her from exiting the office by using his body as a barricade.

Menh is currently seeking $160,000 in compensatory damages and $2 million in punitive damages for breach of contract and wrongful termination. Wolf released a written statement denying the allegations. Instead, he claims that Menh was struggling at work due to her poor organizational skills, poor decision making skills, and unethical behavior.

This is not the first time Wolf has been accused of engaging in inappropriate behavior with his staff. Back in February, a few members of his staff recounted a story that Wolf shared involving one his previous sexual encounters. He was also accused of gossiping about a gay staffer’s love life.

What do you think of this political mess?

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