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Silicon Valley se ensaña con el acoso sexual

Emanuel Shirazi

A recent survey, “Elephant in the Valley”, revealed outrageous statistics regarding numerous instances of sexual harassment in the tech capital of the U.S., Silicon Valley.

60% of women in the study reported unwanted sexual advances and nearly two-thirds reported that the harassment came from a supervisor. Women in the study report incidents from being groped by a boss to sexual offers for promotions. Employers hosted lunches at Hooters and clients boldly requested sexual favors for sales orders.

25% of the 220 women surveyed held C-level positions. Instances like when a CEO asked a venture capital executive to go through the door first so he could “watch me walk” were not just normal, they were a quietly accepted part of the job. The study shares stories about women who wear fake wedding rings just to stop questions about their marital status to women who removed pictures of their children from their desks.

The study also revealed the following:
75% of women were asked about family life, marital status and children in their job interview.
60% of women who reported sexual harassment were dissatisfied with the course of action.
88% of women have had clients and colleagues address questions to male peers when the questions should have been clearly addressed to them.

Do any of these sexual harassment scenarios sound familiar at your place of work? Does it often go unreported or swept under the rug as “normal”?

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