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Despido improcedente por denunciar acoso y discriminación en California

Emanuel Shirazi

Everyone has the right to feel safe in their workplace. Though certain jobs are more dangerous than others, all employees are entitled to basic levels of respect and care when they are at work. When this does not happen, or someone is actively disrespecting you, it is considered harassment.

Harassment is not tolerated in most workplace handbooks, but in reality, it can be difficult to combat. Many employers turn a blind eye to harassment in order to avoid scandals or paperwork. Some employers even terminate employees who report harassment in order to stop the situation before it gets worse. As an employee, it is important for you to know that this is illegal.

If you have been harassed at work and your employer terminated you, as a result, it is essential for you to understand your rights and find an attorney who can help.


Discriminación en el lugar de trabajo happens when an employer or employee treats an individual negatively or differently because of a protected class. Protected classes include:

If you have been treated differently because of one of the above traits, you should act quickly to build your discrimination case. These types of behaviors weaken the workplace, and you have the legal right to take action.

Types of Harassment

In many situations, discrimination and harassment go hand in hand. Harassment based on the same categories as above are illegal.

Wrongful Termination, Harassment, and Discrimination

One of your rights as an employee is to report instances of harassment and discrimination to management or human resources. It is your employer’s responsibility to take action to investigate and remedy the situation as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. Some employers do not know how to proceed or wish to cover up the situation and opt to fire the reporting employee instead of fixing the situation.

The law is clear that employees cannot be fired for reporting harassment or discrimination in the workplace, regardless of who the complaint is about or the level of severity. If you get fired for this reason, you need to find an employment law attorney right away.

Hiring a Los Angeles Employment Law Attorney

Finding an employment attorney in Los Angeles, CA can be intimidating when you do not know where to start. Your first priority when looking for an attorney is experience. Because employment law is complicated, you need to find someone who specializes in employment law, preferably with 20 years experience. Additionally, your attorney should have experience in cases that are similar to yours. This helps to improve your chances and ensure that your attorney knows how to navigate your claim.

You should also look for an attorney with whom you feel comfortable. Recounting experiences of harassment and discrimination puts you in a vulnerable and potentially emotional situation. You should feel comfortable speaking with your attorney openly and trust that they will listen to your story.

FAQs About Wrongful Termination for Reporting Harassment & Discrimination in California

Can I Sue My Employer for Discrimination in California?

Yes. Victims of workplace discrimination may sue their employers for damages. The damage in your case may vary, depending on whether wrongful termination or other offenses were also involved. When you’re ready to sue your employer, it is important that you find a qualified attorney to represent you. Without legal counsel, you are likely to lose your case and end up without any financial reparations for what you went through.

What Are the Grounds for Discrimination?

Discrimination occurs against individuals of a protected class. There are many classifications that are protected under state and federal laws. Examples of protected classes include:

  • Género y expresión de género
  • Carrera
  • Ethnicity or national origin
  • Religión
  • Age (40+)
  • Discapacidad/condición médica
  • Estado civil
  • Orientación sexual
  • Embarazo

If someone treats another person negatively because of one of the above traits, they are perpetuating discrimination and can be punished.

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Our team at Shirazi Law Firm is committed to helping employees exert their rights in the Los Angeles area. Workers keep our economy going and provide essential labor to companies throughout the city and state. When these workers are treated poorly, we do everything in our power to help them seek justice. If you have been terminated for reporting harassment or discrimination at your place of work, you have the right to create a legal claim against your employer. Our Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyers here to make sure your claim is strong.

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