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Jimmy Fallon Sued by Former Employee for Gender Discrimination Because he “Prefers to Take Direction From a Woman”

A former male employee of Jimmy Fallon’s late night show is suing Mr. Fallon for gender discrimination. Fallon’s former employee–actually…

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I often write on popular issues in employment law, but this time the issue is the employment lawyers themselves. A…

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Sharon Stone Sued for Paying (yes paying) Her Nanny Overtime?

Sharon Stone’s former nanny has sued her in Los Angeles Superior Court for, among other things, paying her overtime.  Yes, you…

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Suing “The Bachelor” for Race Discrimination

Two African Americans are suing the long-running show “The Bachelor” for race discrimination.  The two men say that they—like many…

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Desperate Housewife Wrongfully Terminated?

Former Desparate Housewife co-star Nicollette Sheridan sued her production company for wrongful termination.  Sheridan alleged she was terminated (her character…

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A Hostile Work Environment Can be Sexual or Gender Harassment

A journalist recently asked me if making comments behind someone’s back can be sexual harassment? Most people think that sexual…

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CA Supreme Court Reverses Insurance Adjuster Exemption Ruling. Liberty Mutual Insurance adjusters not necessarily miscasasified as exempt.

Visit my mediator friend’s site here to read the full article

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What to do when you are being sexually harassed at work (verbally)

Short list of important steps to protect the rights of the sexually harassed First steps 1) Make it clear to…

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The Shirazi Law Firm is Open for Business

Dear friends, After many years of working at big firms, I am proud to announce that I am opening my…

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EEOC Sues Chipotle Over Rampant Female on Male Sexual Harassment (Including Sex Scorecard)

The EEOC is suing a Chipotle Mexican Grill in San Jose, California on behalf of a male shift manager. The…

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