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Informe: Acoso sexual y discriminación de género generalizados en Nintendo of America

Emanuel Shirazi

A new report has revealed another gaming workplace culture brimming with sexual harassment and gender discrimination: Nintendo of America. Through interviews with female employees at Nintendo, Kotaku pulled several reports of harassment by colleagues and pay inequality compared to male counterparts.

One former game tester, Hannah, recounted how she was retaliated against after reporting inappropriate sexual comments by a Nintendo employee in a workplace group chat. After reporting the behavior, she was told to be less outspoken. Hannah also found that she was being paid $3 less than a junior male tester and had an extra difficult time trying to get a pay increase. Hannah was also subject to sexual orientation-based harassment by male colleagues who she rejected advances from, including being told “Oh, you’re a lesbian. That’s kind of sad.”

Other female game testers had similar experiences as Hannah. Some employees spoke of a product testing lead who frequently commented on women’s weight and appearance. Because he was in charge of deciding contractors’ schedules, female testers were forced to endure his harassment.

Another alleged abuser of power, was from a more senior tester, who would stalk another contractor, but when she tried to report him he threatened to fire her. Further, a common complaint, was the lack of advancement and promotion opportunities compared to male counterparts at Nintendo.

Company chief Doug Bowser did not respond to Kotaku’s questioning but did previously address sexual harassment and sexist toxicity reports about Activision Blizzard, calling the accounts distressing and disturbing. Bowser proceeded to say that they ran counter to Nintendo’s values; however, this Kotaku report paints a different picture. The testers who spoke out in the publication are just some of the contractors who have been victim to the harassment, discrimination, and retaliation at Nintendo of America.

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